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Case Results

This is a sample of the results achieved by the law firm of Maas & Marinovich:

Medical Malpractice / Confidential Settlement
A gun shot victim dies after being rushed to a trauma center by paramedics. The victim layed on a gurney for over ten hours without receiving appropriate medical care.

Medical Malpractice / 1.2 Million
A 2 year old child undergoes surgery for a developmental condition of the foot. Post surgery the patient developed “compartment syndrome” a condition that ultimately required a partial amputation of the foot. 

Medical Malpractice / Negligent supervision / Confidential Settlement
In this forty Million dollar claim against a public psychiatric healthcare facility, the plaintiff was admitted for post partum depression. The facility also placed a known violent offender into the general population who had attacked his mother with a pair of scissors and had AIDS. Plaintiff was raped and beaten by this individual.

Auto Accident / $500,000.00
While on her way to work the plaintiff is cut off by a vehicle attempting an unsafe U-turn, sustaining a serious knee cap injury that required surgery. In his testimony the defendant alleged that the Plaintiff ran a red light. We presented evidence that proved that the defendant was stopped behind three other vehicles in a left hand turn pocket. Due to backed up traffic, the stopped vehicles were unable to complete the left turn. We were able to show that the defendant became impatient and negotiated a dangerous U-turn in front of oncoming traffic that had a green light.

Truck Accident / $400,000.00
A 67 year old pedestrian was struck in a crosswalk by a commercial truck. The plaintiff sustained a fractured rib and a tibial plateau fracture that required surgery to insert a plate and screws.

Auto Accident / $300,000.00
An elderly couple was involved in an intersectional accident. Plaintiff sustained a hip fracture that required surgery. Defendant denied responsibility and claimed that Plaintiff ran a red light. We were able to prove that the defendant’s testimony was not consistent with the physical evidence.

Auto Accident / $200,000.00
A retired couple traveling down a street collides with a van that pulled out of a driveway in front of them. Plaintiff sustained an ankle fracture.

Auto Accident / $160,000.00
A husband and wife are traveling down a street and collide with a vehicle that pulled out from a stop sign. Wife sustained an ankle injury that required surgical insertion of two screws.

Dog Bite / $110,000.00
A father and his six year old daughter are at a Christmas tree lot shopping for a tree, when the young child encounters the tree lot owners German Shepard that was freely roaming the lot. The little girl was bitten in the face and sustained a laceration just above the eye. The defendant claimed that the dog was secured to a chain within a gated area and that the child entered the secured area unsupervised by her father. The results of our investigation proved that the dog ran freely through the lot on a regular basis and bit the child in an area open to customers.

Dog Bite / $100,000.00
A 4 year old child attending a birthday party was bitten in the mouth by homeowner’s dog. The child required facial surgery to repair the wound.

Motorcycle Accident / $100,000.00
A motorcyclist traveling down a street is cutoff by a driver controlled by a stop sign. The motorcyclist sustained a fractured wrist. The defendant alleged that the motorcyclist was speeding and inattentive. Our investigation was able to show that the defendant was inattentive and his view of the motorcyclist was obstructed by other vehicles on the roadway.

Premise Liability / $75,000.00
This case was against a supermarket for improper use of pallets. The plaintiff encountered a large octagon shaped container of watermelons placed on a square pallet. This condition resulted in all four corners of the 4 inch high pallet being exposed with no warning signs. The plaintiff sustained an ankle injury. The market alleged that the accident never occurred and that the condition was open and obvious and not a dangerous condition. We presented evidence showing other markets that used the same octagon shaped containers on square pallets with large warning signs that contained colored arrows alerting customers of the exposed corners at floor level.

Premises Liability / $30,000.00
In a case against a major video store chain for creating a dangerous condition, the  plaintiff encountered rolled up mats that were left in the main aisle adjacent to the registers. The store denied responsibility, an argued that the mats were in a open and obvious location and that the Plaintiff should have looked where she was going. After subpoenaing the surveillance camera video, we were able to show that the Plaintiff was reading a magazine at the counter and when she turned and took a step she tripped over the mats and fell to the ground. Plaintiff sustained a low back injury that required epidural block injections.

Bicycle Accident / $30,000.00
A driver opened a car door in front of a bicyclist, causing the rider to fall to the ground. The bicyclist sustained a soft tissue type injury. The driver alleged that the car door was open for a period of time and the bicyclist was inattentive.

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